7 super reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot

Women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered – and a boudoir photo shoot is an amazing way to do this.  Here are 7 super reasons to bring your sexy back.

1. Gift For The Groom.   With a little prior planning, you can schedule your boudoir photo shoot before your wedding – while wearing your veil, your garter belt, your corset, etc.  Then, on your wedding day, leave your gorgeous boudoir portrait photo album beautifully wrapped and waiting in the room your groom is getting ready in.  *Be sure to write a note that the gift is for his eyes only.

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2. Gift For The Bride:  What better way is there to capture this time in a bride’s life than an empowering bridal boudoir photo shoot?  She’ll get a day of pampering (with my company) to help her relax and enjoy some “me time.”  This experience will be one she’ll never forget – she’ll get in touch with her sensuality without judgement and without worry.  I know the posses that work best for your body type so I guide each step of the way.

bridal boudoir photo shoot wisconsin

3. Fresh Start Celebration: A change in your life such as a new location, a new job, a new tattoo, a new relationship, or a physical change such as work-out results are all fantastic reasons to take a day just for you.  A day to capture this amazing change forever in your beautiful boudoir portraits.  You’ll find new confidence to face any change that comes along!

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4. Birthday Gift:  Whether it’s a birthday gift for yourself, or a gift you give the person you love, age is just a number.  But it’s always a new milestone in a woman’s life and should be celebrated.  Confidence, empowerment, pampering, and fun – and portraits that last a lifetime are an amazing gift to celebrate life with.

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5. Couple’s Empowerment:  We all know that every now and again our relationships could use a little spicing up.  You can wear his favorite shirt, hold his favorite music instrument, pose in his favorite team’s t-shirt – and more.  I customize my boudoir portrait sessions to suit your needs – and your better half’s!  Also, after your day of pampering and photo-shoot, your partner can join you for the last half hour for a couple’s boudoir photo shoot.

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6.  Survivor Celebration: One of my clients came to me for an empowering boudoir photo shoot after she underwent a full mastectomy.  She wanted to celebrate her life and inspire other women who have, or are about to, experience the same thing.  Check out her story here: my Youtube channel

double mastectomy survivor celebration boudoir photo shoot

7. Anniversary Celebration:  Celebrate your love – no matter if you’ve been married for 2 years or 50 years.  Giving the gift of YOU looking gorgeous, confident, and sexy is the perfect way to show him how important he is to you.  It’s also an amazing way to remind your self of how important you are to yourself!

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There are other reasons to invest in the Boudoir Photo Shoot experience, for sure.   You could make an appointment with me for this experience just because!   Reach out with the reason you’d invest in yourself in this way.

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