A Boudoir Model Call Experience with Rebecca P Photography

My boudoir model calls are an empowering experience – for both the model and the women who see the images – with Rebecca P Photography!

You’ve seen my posts requesting certain model “types” for a boudoir photo shoot and you’ve probably wondered what it’s like – and maybe even thought that you couldn’t be one!  Well, this blog post is going to explain why I seek models, what the experience is like, and that all women are beautiful enough to apply!

So let’s start at the beginning.  my model calls are not based on “beauty.”  Instead, I seek everyday women as models.  I seek women of all measurements, not”perfect” measurements. I seek women who will be great examples to other women simply for embracing their beauty just as it is (not what we’ve been conditioned to believe what beauty is).  I seek models who know that their images will be used to help other women just like them.  I seek women who are committed to the experience and the results.  I seek women who know their worth and are willing to invest in themselves with a day of pampering and empowerment.

What is a Boudoir Model Call Experience like with Rebecca P Photography?  To sum it up in three words: EMPOWERING. FUN, and RELAXING.  Here’s what my models get:

  • Professionally styled hair
  • Professionally applied makeup. To include false eyelashes and facial airbrush concealer!
  • Access to my exclusive client lingerie closet. To include accessories if desired.
  • A complete, professional, and super fun photo shoot with me.  Which includes me assisting with poses and coaching through movement.
  • A full body massage
  • Same day reveal! All my clients and models get to see their amazing images the SAME DAY as their photo shoot!

Why do I ask for certain types of models?  Because all women should love themselves fearlessly.  Whether she is curvey, not curvey, short, tall, single, married, straight, lesbian, purple hair or no hair, she needs to know she is beautiful just as she is.   I need certain types of models who are willing to be the empowered example to other women just like her.

GREAT NEWS!  I’ve decided to hold a different model call each month during 2019!  Each month’s model call will be posted as events on my Facebook page and here on my website so be sure to take a look and see if you match what I’m seeking. Let’s empower women together!

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