… Amazed at how relaxed I was.

Q. What would you tell women considering a boudoir shoot?

A. It is such a wonderful experience. It’s a chance to express yourself and find your inner goddess. You will be impressed by how wonderful you feel about yourself and how amazing you look. If you have any desire to do it, you should. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Q. What advice would you give to women who have an upcoming boudoir shoot?

A. Try to relax, which is way easier said than done. Do some research, check out Pinterest, talk to others and be open to suggestions. Remember to incorporate personal touches!!

Q. What is the best memory from your photo shoot day?

A. How beautiful I felt, and amazed and how relaxed I was. Rebecca was phenomenal!! I would highly recommend spending some quality time with her, you gain not only a wonderful insight on yourself but a great person in your life!

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