Announcing the “I AM…” Conference

womens empowerment conference with rebecca p photography

Have you ever had that feeling inside … it’s an aching feeling, it almost haunts you, that you’re not enough? 

Maybe something has happened to strip you of your confidence, maybe you don’t feel strong anymore, maybe you sit in fear of failure, or worse – fear of success, maybe you don’t feel protected?  There are so many other feelings we can have as women and girls.

The “I AM” Conference is designed JUST FOR YOU!  We would love to share with you ways to overcome debilitating beliefs and equip you with tools to BELIEVE “YOU ARE _______!” 

Each of us struggles with different obstacles in our lives.  We would love to come together, to support each other as women, and girls, to lift each other up and bring a culture change.  

If this speaks to you, or sits well with you, make a way to get to the “I AM” Conference! 

If you have been through this and have gotten to the other side, make a way to BE THERE to encourage others, because you are a few steps further down the road.  


You will leave with

  • A keepsake item of affirmation to CONFIRM what you acknowledge at the conference
  • New connections and relationships with strong women
  • Belief in yourself and encouragement to stay strong, fearless and confident!
  • Ways to protect yourself through self-defense


Get your Early Bird Tickets for only $37 until October 31st.  (After that they are $47 each)   Contact me with any questions.

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