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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Is your comfort zone keeping you from experiencing your empowering boudoir photo shoot? Some women tell me they are uncomfortable or afraid to do boudoir portraits.  My response is always the same: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We get comfortable in our day to day "norms" that are usually predictable and well known.  It's so easy to stay there! But the best thing you can do for yourself to experience personal and/or professional growth is to ...
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7 super reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot

Women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered - and a boudoir photo shoot is an amazing way to do this.  Here are 7 super reasons to bring your sexy back. 1. Gift For The Groom.   With a little prior planning, you can schedule your boudoir photo shoot before your wedding - while wearing your veil, your garter belt, your corset, etc.  Then, on your wedding day, leave your gorgeous boudoir portrait photo album beautifully wrapped and waiting in the room ...
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How to NOT be a “Bridezilla”

As you know, planning your wedding can be very stressful. From the guest list to the honeymoon, the to-dos and the loose ends can seem overwhelming. So here are some tips to help you relax- so you don't become a Bridezilla: 1. Put it in your calendar.  If you don't put time for yourself in your calendar, odds are it won't happen.  So break out your old-school scheduler or your digital calendar and put time for YOU in it. 2.  ...
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My trip to NYC for New Years Eve

I love to plan amazing experiences.  I set a dream to spend New Years Eve in NYC for my 30th birthday.  I wanted to leave my 20's by entering my 30's with a bang.  So with some detailed planning, I made this amazing experience happen. Here's what I recommend if you want to plan your own trip: If you go via train with 2 people and are traveling for more than 8 hours, I highly recommend what's called a "Superliner ...
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Bad mom?

Recently someone made a casual remark to me that caught me off guard.  We were discussing my passion for planning Ladies Night Out Events and other amazing experiences for women and couples when she hit me with an attempt at "mom guilt" by asking, "Don't you love your kids?" Like a scratch on a vinyl record, I kept hearing that question over and over again, all throughout the night and into the next day.   "Don't you love your kids?"  Why ...
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Fort Knox or Free Range?

My Boudoir Portrait Photography Sessions are a custom experience - and it's also a day of pampering, fun, and relaxation!  Keep reading to learn more: Did you know that I don't ever share photos unless my clients give me permission? All the images you see of my photography are women who have chosen to share their photos.  I know not every woman feels comfortable sharing them so I give you the choice to keep it 100% private - or not.  ...
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Fearless Funds Boudoir Portrait Payment Plan

You deserve to see your beauty like never before.  You deserve to be pampered for a day.  You deserve to experience your own Empowering Boudoir Photo Shoot.  So I'm going to help you make it happen!  Introducing my new Boudoir Portrait Payment Plan called Fearless Funds. My exclusive 12 month plan is made to help you invest in YOU.  Here's how it works: Contact me to learn about the Portrait Collections I offer.  Once you've made your choice, you'll start ...
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Happy YOU Year with successful goal setting!

I'm posting this a little later than most because I want to help you succeed in your New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting for 2018. I want you to have a Happy You Year! Fearlessly happy! It seems that some people are able to set goals with ease.  But for some of us it's as easy as pulling teeth.  While others get off to a great start but lose passion a few months in.  So I'm going to share a ...
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Makeup Travel Tips from Rebecca P Photography

Makeup and Beauty Tips for Traveling

The holidays... It's time for festive gatherings, snuggling up with your sweetie by the fire, late nights and early mornings.  It's also time for many pictures being taken to remember the 2017 holiday season.  Because of all those pictures, we all want to look our best.  But traveling can be tough on our makeup and our skin - so I've put together these makeup and beauty tips to help keep your makeup safe and YOU looking fabulous no matter how ...
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Women Empowering Women Conference

If you know me you know that I am ALL about empowering women by helping them to find their beauty and confidence from both within and without. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I have chosen to be a sponsor at this upcoming Women Empowering Women Conference to help support the mission. The Women Empowering Women Conference is a spectacular, one-day event featuring amazing speakers and your community’s best vendors. This full day event is packed with information, resources, ...
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Breast Cancer Awareness - blog post from Rebecca P Photography

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime - so we need to have a conversation about it.  Numbers that high mean that breast cancer is not something to take lightly or ignore. Please continue reading (and click the links) for information. A self exam is always the best first step to finding potential breast cancer - and should be done every month.  If you notice a change, have symptoms that aren't normal for your ...
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Love yourself fearlessly with Self Care - Rebecca P Photography

What Every Woman Needs: My Top 10 List

Some advice I want to share about what every woman needs. We women are so awesome and amazing! We take care of our families, our homes, our pets, our partners, our employees/boss, our plants, our neighbors, the stranger in the store, the thing that fell off the shelf in the supermarket,  and on and on...and on.  But when it comes to taking care of ourselves?  Well....that's another story, isn't it? So I want to remind you that in order to ...
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Piercing Party by Rebecca P Photography 2/2017

Fearless Piercing Party

Thanks to the amazing Courtney of Body Piercings by Courtney located in Schofield WI, we had a blast at my Piercing Party on February 25th 2017. Courtney has a very calming nature so she makes even the most nervous client feel at ease.  She has been piercing since 2007 so has a wealth of experience in any kind of piercing a client wishes.  You can find her on Facbook at: The piercings on this day were nose, septum, monroe, ...
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