A Brief History of Masquerade - and why I'm having one!

A Brief History of Masquerade – and why I’m having one!

A Brief History of Masquerade Masquerade Balls go back to the 15th century.  They were held to celebrate weddings, to welcome visiting royalty, and other specialty events of the sort.  It came in and out of fashion and then really took off in the 17th century.  It was during this period that they got a less than savory reputation. You see, the fun of the event was hiding your identity so that you could misbehave if you wanted to and ...
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Breast Cancer Awareness - blog post from Rebecca P Photography

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime - so we need to have a conversation about it.  Numbers that high mean that breast cancer is not something to take lightly or ignore. Please continue reading (and click the links) for information. A self exam is always the best first step to finding potential breast cancer - and should be done every month.  If you notice a change, have symptoms that aren't normal for your ...
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Love yourself fearlessly with Self Care - Rebecca P Photography

What Every Woman Needs: My Top 10 List

Some advice I want to share about what every woman needs. We women are so awesome and amazing! We take care of our families, our homes, our pets, our partners, our employees/boss, our plants, our neighbors, the stranger in the store, the thing that fell off the shelf in the supermarket,  and on and on...and on.  But when it comes to taking care of ourselves?  Well....that's another story, isn't it? So I want to remind you that in order to ...
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Rebecca P Photography Blog Cover - Women's Empowerment Social 2017

Women’s Empowerment Social Thank You!

My Women's Empowerment Social was amazing - thanks to YOU! I want to start this by thanking the speakers and vendors who helped make my Women's Empowerment Social truly empowering! Speakers were (in alphabetical order); Carissa Evans of Be Your Best You Jamie Wirkus of Pink Peony Day Spa & Wellness Suzy Wigstadt of Stoke to Success Vendors were (in no particular order): Kristen Kautz of Llynda Moore Boots Nikki Mohr Dornbusch of Ruby Ribbon Amy Nitz Kaiser of Soul ...
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Women's Empowermnet Social 7/30/17

Women’s Empowerment Event

Women's Empowerment Event, Sunday July 30th 12-4 Don't miss your chance to see professional speakers, view highly sought-after products, and get a chair massage at my First Annual Women's Empowerment Event. Women Empowered. That's the focus and goal of my Fearlessly Feminine Society. And this Social is designed to bring you empowerment through re-thinking your mindset, techniques to make a positive first impression, and insider tips & tricks on skin care from a professional esthetician. Our guest speakers will engage ...
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Piercing Party by Rebecca P Photography 2/2017

Fearless Piercing Party

Thanks to the amazing Courtney of Body Piercings by Courtney located in Schofield WI, we had a blast at my Piercing Party on February 25th 2017. Courtney has a very calming nature so she makes even the most nervous client feel at ease.  She has been piercing since 2007 so has a wealth of experience in any kind of piercing a client wishes.  You can find her on Facbook at: The piercings on this day were nose, septum, monroe, ...
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Enter To Win - Coffee For Two

Enter To Win – Coffee For Two

Sign up now to win a chance for a Coffee For Two Giveaway! Winner will receive a Mr and Mrs coffee mug set, and a $15 gift certificate to Vino Latte in Wausau and Weston. No purchase required to enter. You will be added to our list to receive occasional promotional mailings and offers ...
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Ultimate Couples Night - Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Ultimate Couples Night – Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Where your reservations are made and tickets purchased, to dance the night away! Package includes: Pre-event pampering for her, Limo transportation from Plaza Hotel in Wausau to dinner for 2, and Limo transportation back from dinner to the Adult Prom at the Plaza Hotel. This event is limited to 4 couples only ...
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