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A Boudoir Model Call Experience with Rebecca P Photography

My boudoir model calls are an empowering experience - for both the model and the women who see the images - with Rebecca P Photography! You've seen my posts requesting certain model "types" for a boudoir photo shoot and you've probably wondered what it's like - and maybe even thought that you couldn't be one!  Well, this blog post is going to explain why I seek models, what the experience is like, and that all women are beautiful enough to apply! So let's ...
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Empowering women vlog liv fearlessly

LivFearlessly Vlog on my YouTube channel

Empowering women is what makes me tick.  I seriously want all the women I come in contact with to walkaway ready to #LivFearlessly!  It's what I do. It's who I am.  It's how I want to be thought of.  It's the reason I started Rebecca P Photography (a women's Empowerment Boudoir Portrait company).  And most recently, it's why I started my new Vlog called, #LivFearlessly. Twice a month I'll be interviewing everyday women who were once held down with terrible fear and ...
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womens empowerment conference with rebecca p photography

Announcing the “I AM…” Conference

Have you ever had that feeling inside ... it's an aching feeling, it almost haunts you, that you're not enough?  Maybe something has happened to strip you of your confidence, maybe you don't feel strong anymore, maybe you sit in fear of failure, or worse - fear of success, maybe you don't feel protected?  There are so many other feelings we can have as women and girls. The "I AM" Conference is designed JUST FOR YOU!  We would love to ...
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Leave Fear Behind – Experience a Boudoir Photo Shoot!

"I need to lose weight."  "I've always wanted to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot, but I'm too afraid."  "Someday...when I've lost this weight/grow out my hair/get the guts," etc.   "I don't have anyone to give the photos to."  "If I was young I'd do it."  Sadly, these are the excuses I hear from women about having an Empowerment Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience with me.  I say sadly because life is so short and you are beautiful NOW - just as ...
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Finding Your Boudoir Photo Style on Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent way to learn what Boudoir Photo Shoot styles you like.  There are so many amazing examples from Boudoir Photographers who really capture the essence of their client.  As a result, I always recommend my clients build a Pinterest Board and share it with me. Don't forget to consider wardrobe when looking at the images because it helps to also define what style of lingerie you like.  I offer a FREE lingerie consultation to all my clients to ...
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Another Awesome Piercing Party!

Another Awesome Piercing Party!

I teamed up with Courtney of Northbound Piercing and Tatoo Co. for another Piercing Party on July 22nd and once again we had a great time!  Courtney has a very calming nature and makes even the most nervous client feel at ease.  She has been piercing since 2007 so has a wealth of experience in any kind of piercing a client wishes. Her brand new location at 5707 Business Highway 51 S. Schofield, Wisconsin is looking gorgeous! Now she's got more ...
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love yourself fearlessly rebecca p photography no mom-shame

Wife, mother, and business owner – mom-shamed?

TRUTH:🙌  I love myself!!!! ❤ Enough to know that being "mom-shamed" is wrong. And enough to know that if I am not happy with myself on the inside, then my world will go without my greatness because I'll be miserable! That mom guilt creeps in... But let me tell you what! I'm a better mom and wife because I do things that B R I N G  M E  J O Y as often as I can. I live my life every day by having ...
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A Bride-to-be Finds the Courage

Morgan wanted to give her groom-to-be something custom. Something that wasn't "cheesy." Something that would be totally different and also celebrate their time together before the wedding. In her search for this gift, she came across my work on The Knot and contacted me to schedule her free consultation appointment for her Bridal Boudoir Portraits. Morgan's journey - from super nervous to super thrilled. Morgan really wanted to do a Bridal Boudoir photo shoot but she was super nervous.  Her desire to give her groom-to-be ...
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Prioritize your tasks to stay on track and reach goals

Prioritize your tasks to stay on track and reach goals

If you're planning a wedding or have a demanding career, you know that you must prioritize your tasks so you stay on track and reach goals.  But with the many demands and distractions going on, it can be hard to figure out what items on your task lists should come first.  I've created this guide to help you out.  A simple list to help you break it all down easily and with little effort. Let's start with the basics.  Create ...
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illusion of nude boudoir photo shoots wisconsin rebecca p photography

Boudoir Is Body Positive

Boudoir photography is so much more than "sexy pictures."  Boudoir photo shoots are a way to see your beauty like never before.  It's a body positive experience! Many women contact me to do their boudoir photo shoot with the intention of giving the portraits as a gift to their fiance or partner.  In their conversations with me, they reveal the reasons they're hesitant to have this amazing experience but want to do it "anyway" for "him/her."  The hesitation is usually ...
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boudoir photography questions central wisconsin rebecca p photography

The Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About My Empowering Boudoir Photo Shoots

Questions You Were Afraid To Ask About My Empowering Boudoir Photo Shoots: Women love the idea of empowering boudoir photo shoots but get scared by things like being seen "half-naked" in front of someone they don't really know. So they back out and think, "Maybe I'll do that when I get back to my old weight/have a tan/have my own lingerie/have someone to give the portraits to."  Sound familiar? It's true that it can be intimidating to think of yourself ...
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Plus Size Boudoir

The first thing I need to clarify is that I don't care for the term "plus size boudoir."   I have been doing boudoir portraits exclusively for several years and have photographed women of all shapes and sizes - I assure you, all my Fearless Babe clients are equally beautiful and "size" wasn't a factor in any part of their boudoir photo shoot. Weight looks different on all of our amazingly unique frames.  And my job is to help you see just ...
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Boudoir portraits after bi-lateral mastectomy

My client, Wendy, wanted to find empowerment in her body after her bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction so she reached out to me to learn about my passion for boudoir portrait photography.  Here is her experience: "When you go through an experience like this (mastectomy and reconstruction) you go through a transformation - not just physically. It's very much mentally..and...psychologically. It's a lot to get used see your body in a new way. When I discovered boudoir photo shoots and ...
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5 Tips for Better Fitting Lingerie

Investing in some gorgeous lingerie shouldn't just be about what he'll think.  It should be about making you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable.  Yes, comfortable - as much as possible anyway.  Here are my 5 tips for better fitting lingerie: 1.Wearing a thong or a g-string is super sexy. And you won't have panty lines under your clothes. However, they can feel uncomfortable. Try adding a pantyliner to help eliminate a chaffing feeling. 2. When it comes to bra fit, ...
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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Is your comfort zone keeping you from experiencing your empowering boudoir photo shoot? Some women tell me they are uncomfortable or afraid to do boudoir portraits.  My response is always the same: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. We get comfortable in our day to day "norms" that are usually predictable and well known.  It's so easy to stay there! But the best thing you can do for yourself to experience personal and/or professional growth is to ...
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7 super reasons to do a boudoir photo shoot

Women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered - and a boudoir photo shoot is an amazing way to do this.  Here are 7 super reasons to bring your sexy back. 1. Gift For The Groom.   With a little prior planning, you can schedule your boudoir photo shoot before your wedding - while wearing your veil, your garter belt, your corset, etc.  Then, on your wedding day, leave your gorgeous boudoir portrait photo album beautifully wrapped and waiting in the room ...
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schedule time for you rebecca p photography

How to NOT be a “Bridezilla”

As you know, planning your wedding can be very stressful. From the guest list to the honeymoon, the to-dos and the loose ends can seem overwhelming. So here are some tips to help you relax- so you don't become a Bridezilla: 1. Put it in your calendar.  If you don't put time for yourself in your calendar, odds are it won't happen.  So break out your old-school scheduler or your digital calendar and put time for YOU in it. 2.  ...
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My trip to NYC for New Years Eve

I love to plan amazing experiences.  I set a dream to spend New Years Eve in NYC for my 30th birthday.  I wanted to leave my 20's by entering my 30's with a bang.  So with some detailed planning, I made this amazing experience happen. Here's what I recommend if you want to plan your own trip: If you go via train with 2 people and are traveling for more than 8 hours, I highly recommend what's called a "Superliner ...
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bad mom syndrome from rebecca p photography

Bad mom?

Recently someone made a casual remark to me that caught me off guard.  We were discussing my passion for planning Ladies Night Out Events and other amazing experiences for women and couples when she hit me with an attempt at "mom guilt" by asking, "Don't you love your kids?" Like a scratch on a vinyl record, I kept hearing that question over and over again, all throughout the night and into the next day.   "Don't you love your kids?"  Why ...
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boudoir photography customized wauau wi

Fort Knox or Free Range?

My Boudoir Portrait Photography Sessions are a custom experience - and it's also a day of pampering, fun, and relaxation!  Keep reading to learn more: Did you know that I don't ever share photos unless my clients give me permission? All the images you see of my photography are women who have chosen to share their photos.  I know not every woman feels comfortable sharing them so I give you the choice to keep it 100% private - or not.  ...
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