Boudoir Is Body Positive

Boudoir photography is so much more than “sexy pictures.”  Boudoir photo shoots are a way to see your beauty like never before.  It’s a body positive experience!

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Many women contact me to do their boudoir photo shoot with the intention of giving the portraits as a gift to their fiance or partner.  In their conversations with me, they reveal the reasons they’re hesitant to have this amazing experience but want to do it “anyway” for “him/her.”  The hesitation is usually related to weight and/or physical shape and/or the belief that they are not beautiful enough to look good in their portraits.

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What ends up happening is the gift for someone else becomes an amazingly positive gift for HER

When clients arrive at my studio they often start off feeling a little nervous.  But because I help them through each step during their boudoir photo shoot experience (from wardrobe consultation for what looks best on their body type to how to pose to show off her best features) that nervousness fades away.  She starts to relax and simply trust in the experience.

body positive boudoir photo shoot wisconsin rebecca p photography

The result of a woman investing in boudoir for someone else is a body positive boost for her that she’ll have for a lifetime.  And afterward, any time a woman is feeling negative about her appearance, she’ll be able to look through her photos to be reminded of her beauty and her power.

Contact me to learn more about the boudoir photography experience I provide for my clients.  Let me help you see yourself in a body positive way so you can #loveyourselffearlessly.

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