Boudoir portraits after bi-lateral mastectomy

My client, Wendy, wanted to find empowerment in her body after her bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction so she reached out to me to learn about my passion for boudoir portrait photography.  Here is her experience:

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“When you go through an experience like this (mastectomy and reconstruction) you go through a transformation – not just physically. It’s very much mentally..and…psychologically. It’s a lot to get used to…to see your body in a new way. When I discovered boudoir photo shoots and Rebecca P Photography I thought, ‘Wow! What a great way to…kind of… come to terms with how my body looks now.’ so I booked a session.

First, we did the wardrobe consultation for the lingerie I would wear. Then, the day I arrived for my scheduled boudoir session, we did the professionally styled hair and makeup (which looked amazing). And….through the entire process, Becky made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t even feel nervous like I thought I would.

This experience gave me such a huge boost of confidence! When I sit here and…..just look at the portraits that Becky took and… I’m SO glad I did this. A boudoir photo shoot with Rebecca P Photography was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m very thankful to Becky!”

Wendy, thank you for hiring me to create your boudoir portrait experience! It was such a wonderful time working with you.  I especially loved seeing  your expression when you looked at your images and saw how gorgeous you are.

Ladies, life can throw us a curveball and take us down a dark path of self-doubt and lack of confidence. But it’s OK! So long as you start to come back off that path and regain the knowledge that you are beautiful just as you are. My job is to boost your confidence even higher by letting you see yourself in a completely gorgeous way.  A way that you never have imagined before.

Contact me for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation. I’d love to help empower you too.

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