How to NOT be a “Bridezilla”

As you know, planning your wedding can be very stressful. From the guest list to the honeymoon, the to-dos and the loose ends can seem overwhelming. So here are some tips to help you relax- so you don’t become a Bridezilla:

schedule time for you rebecca p photography1. Put it in your calendar.  If you don’t put time for yourself in your calendar, odds are it won’t happen.  So break out your old-school scheduler or your digital calendar and put time for YOU in it.





2.  Take a Sunday Funday.  Don’t figure out all the tiny details, don’t focus on time, don’t pack (except for essentials).  Just find an event you want to attend and go.  It could be an expo, a winery, a movie, a sporting event, a long motor cycle ride, a day of pampering, and so on. So long as you can JUST GO and lose yourself in the free time. Dont-be-a-Bridezilla-take-time-to-relax-Rebecca-P-Photography






3.  You don’t have to be in control of everything; delegate whatever you can.  Enlist the help of family and friends who have the skills to do the job.  Enlist-help-from-family-and-friends-for-your-wedding-Rebecca-P-Photography







4. Utilize artificial intelligence to guide you through meditation and breathing exercises.  Or to help you fall asleep with a “sleep and relaxation sounds skill.”use-your-amazon-alexa-to-meditate-Rebecca-P-Photography






5.  If you FOCUS your energy on being rushed, worried, stressed, etc then odds are you’ll continue to attract it.  Focus on what you’re thinking and saying.  Instead of thinking/saying, “I’ll never get this done!” You should instead think/say, “How can I find help to get this done?”  See the difference?


I wish you an amazing wedding filled with many wonderful memories.  And I hope you can use these tips to make this time of your life as happy and stress-free as possible.  Thanks for your time!

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