Referral Program


five hundred dollar referral program from rebecca p photography


With my exclusive Referral Program, you gain the opportunity to receive $500!  #moneymoves!

Every time you refer a woman to me for her Empowerment Boudoir Photoshoot and she books, you get the chance to earn $500.

When the rules listed below are all in place and completed, I’ll give you your payment!


  1. She MUST complete a FULL Empowerment Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience with me.
  2. She must pay in full – all payments totally completed.
  3. She must provide me with your name and contact information *at the time of booking.
  4. You will receive your payment in about 2 weeks after her payment is complete.
  5. You do not have to be my client, nor do you have to be female to refer women for my boudoir portrait services.
  6. You are not limited – you can earn this bonus multiple times!
  7. You cannot refer yourself.

*NO exceptions! If she fails in payment no referral is paid out.  And she must give me the referring person’s (your) contact information at the time of booking. BetaBabes (models) are not eligible for this referral program.  NO exceptions.

Contact me to talk about this in person.


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