Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Is your comfort zone keeping you from experiencing your empowering boudoir photo shoot?

Some women tell me they are uncomfortable or afraid to do boudoir portraits.  My response is always the same: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

We get comfortable in our day to day “norms” that are usually predictable and well known.  It’s so easy to stay there! But the best thing you can do for yourself to experience personal and/or professional growth is to move just past your comfort zones.  Get into the UNcomfortable zones of your life and you’ll find that you are capable of more than you imagined, the life you wanted is within reach, and your beauty is boundless.

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How do you do this? Time and practice. Here’s the first step:

  1.  List the realistic things you’re dreaming of doing.  Is it starting a new business? Is it wearing a bikini in public? Is it leaving your dreaded, dead-end job? (These are just examples to give you some common ideas.)
  2.  Write down your biggest fears regarding making changes and fulfilling your dreams.  Is it fear of failure? Fear of losing the person who you’ve sat in your comfort zone with?  Is it being scared to try something new?
  3. Now write down the solutions to those fears.  They’re there! If fear of failure is on your list, write down what you would to overcome it.  Write solutions to any fears that pop up.  Pretty soon you’ll see that fear is really not valid – you have the tools to overcome and achieve.
  4. Now imagine how you’ll feel when your dream is achieved.  Write down what your feeling/doing/experiencing.

Do you feel your confidence going up?  It will!

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Let’s try a fear of a boudoir photo shoot together.

  1. I’ve always dreamed of being confident enough to enjoy the experience of an empowering boudoir photo shoot.
  2. My own fear prevents me. I feel that I’m not pretty enough, my figure isn’t good enough, I’ll look stupid.
  3.  The solution to these fears are: find ways to improve my confidence.  Stop comparing my figure to others – I am good enough as I am.  If I team up with a trusted, professional photographer, there is no way I could look stupid.  I don’t have to show my photos to anyone ever – but I bet I’ll be proud of them and will want to!
  4. I feel empowered.  I cannot believe it’s ME in the pictures! I didn’t think I looked that good, but I now see that I do.  I love that I did this and now feel so much more beautiful than ever before.

See?  It’s that simple.  And, remember, I’m here to help every step of the way.  I will make sure you’re having fun while you’re looking gorgeous too.  Schedule me for your FREE phone consultation.

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