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Empowering women is what makes me tick.  I seriously want all the women I come in contact with to walkaway ready to #LivFearlessly!  It’s what I do. It’s who I am.  It’s how I want to be thought of.  It’s the reason I started Rebecca P Photography (a women’s Empowerment Boudoir Portrait company).  And most recently, it’s why I started my new Vlog called, #LivFearlessly.

Empowering women vlog liv fearlessly

Twice a month I’ll be interviewing everyday women who were once held down with terrible fear and anxiety.  So much so, that they were not living to their full potential, suffered from depression, stayed in bad relationships, lost their strengths, and more.  You’ll hear first-hand as they share amazing, personal stories.  Stories that may make you nod with understanding, cry with recognition, and/or share with a friend who needs to hear the message.  These are women are just like you: daughters, siblings, girlfriends/wives, mothers, and friends.  And they’re  sharing to the world how they overcame the darkest days and biggest hurdles to journey forward into their TRUE selves.

You’ll hear from women who were once so afraid, they wouldn’t talk on the phone to order a pizza. Or had days when they couldn’t leave the house.  Or made excuses for abuse because they were too fearful to call attention to it.  AND how they triumphed over those debilitating fears.

Join me every other Saturday at 11:00 am to start your journey away from fear. And begin to #LivFearlessly yourself!

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Are you interested in being a guest speaker on my #LivFearlessly Vlog Contact me for more information.

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