My trip to NYC for New Years Eve

I love to plan amazing experiences.  I set a dream to spend New Years Eve in NYC for my 30th birthday.  I wanted to leave my 20’s by entering my 30’s with a bang.  So with some detailed planning, I made this amazing experience happen. Here’s what I recommend if you want to plan your own trip:

  • If you go via train with 2 people and are traveling for more than 8 hours, I highly recommend what’s called a “Superliner Bedroom.”  As the name suggests, it’s a place to sleep and have privacy while you’re on your journey.  (The food we ate on the Amtrak train was delicious!)
  • Be sure to carefully read and choose Travel Insurance to help protect the money you’ve invested on your trip in case an emergency interrupts your travel plans.
  • Plan your timing!  We were so excited to be there that we didn’t plan our meal time – and ran out of time to eat before the big party.
  • If you attend an event with VIP privileges such as an open bar, pace yourself! You don’t want to get drunk quickly and end up missing the event.
  • Plan for professional hair and makeup so you look super hot! We scheduled Be Glammed – super easy, fun, and we were very happy with our results.  Our hairstylists and makeup artists can be found on Instagram! Hello Tenisha  and Marilyn
  • I very much recommend that you stay at the same hotel the party is being held at. This way you don’t have to loose time traveling to and from your party spot.
  • Arrive a few days before your big events if possible. This way if weather causes delays you won’t miss any part of the major events you planned for.
  • The security in NYC for NYE is very high.  You’ll need some extra time to get around.  You’ll also want to dress warmly as typical travel routes are barricaded so you have to walk further than normally.
  • Seeing the Rockettes was wonderful.  Their show is well worth attending.

I’ll be planning other trips and experiences throughout the year so please watch my event calendar and/or social media for information.  Drop me a comment or contact me if you like to have an amazing experience through travel.

  • New Years Eve in NYC with Rebecca P Photography Events
    New Years Eve in NYC with Rebecca P Photography Events

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