Plus Size Boudoir

The first thing I need to clarify is that I don’t care for the term “plus size boudoir.”   I have been doing boudoir portraits exclusively for several years and have photographed women of all shapes and sizes – I assure you, all my Fearless Babe clients are equally beautiful and “size” wasn’t a factor in any part of their boudoir photo shoot.

Weight looks different on all of our amazingly unique frames.  And my job is to help you see just how gorgeous you are, exactly as you are. Here’s an eye-opening image of women of all the same weight who all look completely different:

plus size boudoir central wisconsin rebecca p photography


As a professional photographer, I don’t need to know your size, or weight, or height.  This is because I know the poses that will look best for your frame and shape and I guide you through each pose for your entire photo shoot.  Also, I know how to help you find just the right lingerie and accessories that will look best on you while capturing your personality and spirit.  I have a wide variety to choose from in my exclusive lingerie closet that holds sizes from extra small to 4x.  Or, I welcome you to bring your own favorite lingerie and accessories if you’ve already got a great fit and look. I also do couple’s boudoir photo shoots and guide you both through those poses as well.

If you’re wondering if I’d be the right photographer to create your boudoir experience, please contact me for a free phone consultation. I’ll tell you more about my exclusive boudoir portrait services (a total day of pampering for you!), the products I offer, my Fab BFF Program, and all about my sincere passion to empower women to love themselves fearlessly.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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