LivFearlessly – Episode 09 – Fear to Focus – with Wendy Babcock

With Wendy Babcock – Fear to Focus – “You are not safe in your comfort zone” – next in my series of interviews with everyday women who tell their stories about overcoming the fears that held them captive so they could live the lives they were meant to.

View video: https://youtu.be/7VHMXlOxTCQ

LivFearlessly – Episode 08 – You Can’t Do It All Alone – with Nicole “Majik” Lahousse

Fear of not having enough (You can’t do it all alone) – next in my interview series with everyday women who tell their stories about overcoming the fears that held them captive, so they could live the lives they were meant to.

View video: https://youtu.be/77orlLCedbg

LivFearlessly – Episode 07 – False Narratives – with Kori Messer

As a young girl, I had all I needed. Somewhere along the line however I began to adopt certain false narratives as my truth. I was afraid I wasn’t good enough so I began to silence my voice. In 2010 I had a breakdown – however it was through that breakdown that I had my breakthrough.

View video: https://youtu.be/PxX4xZlxAEM

LivFearlessly – Episode 06 – Fear of Not Being Liked – with Paulina Wallschlager

Learn about how Paulina overcame her “ridiculous” fear about acceptance. At one time she NEEDED everyone to like her. She was so afraid of hurting people she didn’t stand up for herself. She thought everyone she talked to was judging her so was very self-concious. Find out how breaking past her fears gave her the life she never thought she could have.

View video: https://youtu.be/JbLLIbFgefU

LivFearlessly – Episode 05 – Fear of Not Being Liked – with Kris Langworthy

I struggled with apathy, hopelessness and depression. I didn’t like, or appreciate myself. Then our daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. During that season I had to be strong. I had to do what I had to do, no matter what others thought. (Learn how Kris now speaks and thinks from a place of strength).

View video: https://youtu.be/2wOMX2j4TIo

LivFearlessly – Episode 04 – My Fearspace Was Avoidance – with Michelle Hardeman-Guptill

From totally shut down and muted to reclaiming her power. Michelle’s natural personality was being shut down by others who told her she was too bold, too confident and/or too strong. Without realizing, she began to mute her personality to fit in – even in her marriage! Learn how she figured out how to finally overcome the fears that held her from her own truth, and became even more bold, confident and stronger than ever!

View video: https://youtu.be/kry9OrQVyK0

LivFearlessly – Episode 03 – Removing the Power of Fear – with Erin Oberlander

Learn about how Erin overcame debilitating anxiety and panic attacks to go on and start her own business, and to become the successful woman she is today.

View video: https://youtu.be/30r-vumg4gs

LivFearlessly – Episode 02 – Stepping Into Your Fears – with Megan Fikes

Discover how one woman learned to overcome debilitating fear (couldn’t even order a pizza on the phone because it meant talking with a stranger) to now speaking in front of large groups! Rebecca Plautz – with Megan Fikes.

View video: https://youtu.be/SC4AwezEbPU

LivFearlessly – Episode 01 – Finding Your Confident Voice – with Suzy Simonson

International speaker – Success strategist – Best-selling author – Stroke survifor. In my first-ever episode, I am speaking with Suzy Simonson who endured a stroke at the age of 28 and had to learn how to speak, eat and walk all over again. Now she is helping others to find strength, determination and confidence.

View video: https://youtu.be/cE6uwluz20g

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