Prioritize your tasks to stay on track and reach goals

If you’re planning a wedding or have a demanding career, you know that you must prioritize your tasks so you stay on track and reach goals.  But with the many demands and distractions going on, it can be hard to figure out what items on your task lists should come first.  I’ve created this guide to help you out.  A simple list to help you break it all down easily and with little effort.

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Let’s start with the basics.  Create a list of the tasks you must complete – in no particular order. Just write down or type each thing you need to get done. Put each task on its own line.

After that, you’ll need to review the list to see which items are immediately important and which items can wait a little while.  For example, if you’re a bride-to-be, getting your wedding and reception locations scheduled are usually the top priority. If you’re writing this list for work tasks, the items that must be done by the end of the day should take priority.  Think of it this way:  which items will have the most negative impact if not done immediately.  Either write a number or highlight in different colors the most important items.   Cut the items that can wait and put them on a different list.

Next, to priortize your tasks further, you’ll need to look at the value of each task in relation to goal completion.  What this means is when you look at your tasks that are immediately important, figure out which one(s) will take the most time to complete.  Some people perform best when they tackle the tasks that take the most time to complete first.  Others perform best when they knock out the tasks that take the least amount of time to complete.  Whichever resonates best with you, do this very important step without hesitation because it will help you to feel more accomplished and at ease as you check off these items.  (Check “stressed out” off your list!)

Remember that you’ll need to be somewhat flexible when it comes to checking off “done” tasks from your list.  Life can often throw our plans out the window and pull us in a new direction. Being forgiving with yourself, patient with others, and somewhat flexible in your deadlines will reduce your stress incredibly.  Your wedding day is supposed to be a very happy occasion – not one that leaves you angry and frustrated.  So put your mindset to positive and flexible and you’ll find the setbacks are just temporary bumps.

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Next, take those top-priorities and write out a weekly calendar.  Try to assign a deadline each day of the week related to that task (schedule church by Monday by 4 pm, for example). Just remember to be flexible for unforeseen setbacks that may occur.  For example, if by Tuesday you want to have something completed but life prevents it from happening, try moving completion to a later day that week or to the following week.  And stay positive about it – you’re putting in the effort and energy so the task WILL get completed.

And the last tip I have for you is to NEVER work on your task list or attempt to prioritize your list when you’re angry or upset.  If at all possible, wait until you’ve had time to calm down, reflect, and are able to approach the list with a positive mindset.  You’ll find prioritizing and completing tasks is much smoother this way.

Contact me if you use these tips and let me know how they helped you.  Or let me know if you’ve got tips to add.  I love to hear from you, Fearless Babes!


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