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Announcing the “I AM…” Conference

Have you ever had that feeling inside … it’s an aching feeling, it almost haunts you, that you’re not enough?  Maybe something has happened to strip you of your confidence, maybe you don’t feel strong anymore, maybe you sit in fear of failure, or worse – fear of success, maybe you don’t feel protected?  There […]

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My trip to NYC for New Years Eve

I love to plan amazing experiences.  I set a dream to spend New Years Eve in NYC for my 30th birthday.  I wanted to leave my 20’s by entering my 30’s with a bang.  So with some detailed planning, I made this amazing experience happen. Here’s what I recommend if you want to plan your […]

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Bad mom?

Recently someone made a casual remark to me that caught me off guard.  We were discussing my passion for planning Ladies Night Out Events and other amazing experiences for women and couples when she hit me with an attempt at “mom guilt” by asking, “Don’t you love your kids?” Like a scratch on a vinyl […]

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