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Leave Fear Behind – Experience a Boudoir Photo Shoot!

“I need to lose weight.”  “I’ve always wanted to do a Boudoir Photo Shoot, but I’m too afraid.”  “Someday…when I’ve lost this weight/grow out my hair/get the guts,” etc.   “I don’t have anyone to give the photos to.”  “If I was young I’d do it.”  Sadly, these are the excuses I hear from women about […]

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Boudoir portraits after bi-lateral mastectomy

My client, Wendy, wanted to find empowerment in her body after her bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction so she reached out to me to learn about my passion for boudoir portrait photography.  Here is her experience: “When you go through an experience like this (mastectomy and reconstruction) you go through a transformation – not just physically. […]

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5 Tips for Better Fitting Lingerie

Investing in some gorgeous lingerie shouldn’t just be about what he’ll think.  It should be about making you feel sexy, confident, and comfortable.  Yes, comfortable – as much as possible anyway.  Here are my 5 tips for better fitting lingerie: 1.Wearing a thong or a g-string is super sexy. And you won’t have panty lines […]

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How to NOT be a “Bridezilla”

As you know, planning your wedding can be very stressful. From the guest list to the honeymoon, the to-dos and the loose ends can seem overwhelming. So here are some tips to help you relax- so you don’t become a Bridezilla: 1. Put it in your calendar.  If you don’t put time for yourself in […]

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Fort Knox or Free Range?

My Boudoir Portrait Photography Sessions are a custom experience – and it’s also a day of pampering, fun, and relaxation!  Keep reading to learn more: Did you know that I don’t ever share photos unless my clients give me permission? All the images you see of my photography are women who have chosen to share […]

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