Wife, mother, and business owner – mom-shamed?

TRUTH:🙌  I love myself!!!! ❤ Enough to know that being “mom-shamed” is wrong. And enough to know that if I am not happy with myself on the inside, then my world will go without my greatness because I’ll be miserable!

wisconsin boudoir photographer and mother and wife

That mom guilt creeps in…
But let me tell you what!
I’m a better mom and wife
because I do things that
B R I N G  M E  J O Y
as often as I can.
I live my life every day by having fun!
If it’s not F U N then I don’t do it,
because life is precious!!

🤬Its so frustrating to have things said to me like:
“Geez, if my life wasn’t so crazy right now I’d go on a cruise”

My response: I have 3 kids ages 5 yrs old and under, I have a husband, and two businesses! Tell me, why would you think my life isn’t crazy?

“How can you leave your family to go on a trip without them?”

My response: I decide if it’s in my best interest, I make arrangements for the kids to be taken care of, and I do what I need to, to make it happen!

love yourself fearlessly rebecca p photography

“You are always up to something, how do you get your husband to let you do all this stuff”

My response: I don’t have to ask for permission! If I want to do something, and its to support a friend or family member by going somewhere to see them face to face, then I put it on our calendar and move mountains to do what needs to be done to get what I want.

I know that when I get home my husband might be frustrated because the kids don’t sleep well when they don’t get my hugs, kisses, and snuggles at bedtime! In my eyes, that’s worth getting out of my house, enjoying life for ME, and coming back recharged and ready for another crazy day in the life of a wife, mom of 3 kids 5 yrs and under, and owner of two businesses! 

I know that I can’t pour from an empty cup so I make every effort to re-fill it.  I’m a better mother, a better wife, and a better business owner when I take care of myself.

Let me know if you’ve been “mom-shamed” for taking time for yourself.  I’d love to learn how you find the balance and how you learned that self-care isn’t being selfish.

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